Welcome to Innocence Declared.

The Mission

The mission of Innocence Declared is to raise public awareness of sexual abuse, and offer new hope to survivors of abuse.

the Action

Through speaking engagements,  media interviews, and published articles, the creator of Innocence Declared, works to end sexual abuse, help educate society and reach out to the survivors. 

 The Name

The name Innocence Declared was initially selected as a powerful response to the shame carried by its founder; shame that rightfully belonged to the perpetrators of the sexual abuse against him.

Over time the concept has developed, and a new emphasis on the word "Declared" has arisen.  With the word "Declared" the focus has really shifted to the actions of speaking out, reaching out and spreading awareness.

The Founder

My name is Rick Martel, and I originally started Innocence Declared to further my own healing. Each time I spoke about the abuse, I felt the horrible shame of abuse lessen. By publishing portions of my story on the website, I was able to make that shame lessen even more.

Now, the concept of Innocence Declared has grown. It has its own purpose and mission. Survivors of sexual abuse are not alone anymore, and at Innocence Declared, I am not silent either.

We will speak, and we will be heard.

We can make a difference.

I speak at:

  • Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Retreats and Conventions
  • Other healing and outreach events

    Send me an email, or call for more information.


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